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Kevin McDermott plays the air 'Sé Fáth Mo Bhuartha on a ten-hole Lee Oskar harmonica in the key of G.

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Kevin McDermott plays the air Táimse im' Chodladh on his ten-hole Lee Oskar accordion in the key of G.

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Jerry Lynch plays a waltz version of the song 'The Black Velvet Band' on accordion.

Danny Meehan plays a barndance called the 'Corn Rigs' on fiddle.

Photographs from Danny Meehan's childhood and of his family members. They depict:
1) Peter Meehan, Danny's grandfather
2) Susan McGroarty, Danny's grandmother
3) Danny (holding fiddle) with his Aunt Jane and family
4) Danny as a baby being held…

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Two photographs of Danny Meehan from his time in London. The first shows him holding an accordion and sitting with his cousin Johnny Meehan and Johnny's wife Brenda at The Vic in Kilburn in 1958. In the second, Danny is playing fiddle on stage in the…

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LISTEN to the interviewDanny Meehan (b.1940) reflects on his life from his childhood in Drimalost, Co. Donegal, to his migration to England at age sixteen, and his return fifty years later. He speaks about his musical influences, the musicians he…

LISTEN to the interviewDes O'Halloran speaks briefly about his youth in Inishbofin, his 22 years in London, his return to Ireland, and his varied musical career. He sings - both sean-nós and more popular fare - and plays the fiddle. He has toured the…

The Henry family, at their mother's funeral in 1972. It was the only time all eleven siblings were together in one place. Left to right they stand in order from youngest to eldest. Kevin is fourth from the left.

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Jerry Lynch plays the waltz 'Here Today, Gone Tomorrow' and others on accordion.
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