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LISTEN to the interview Vince Milne is at the later end of the post-war generation. His parents were from Co. Sligo, but he grew up in west Cork and migrated to London in 1970. There, he worked in a variety of jobs and played in Irish pubs and social…

LISTEN to the interview Kevin Burke was born in London to parents from Sligo. He began learning to play fiddle from around the age of seven and absorbed the music he heard played around him by migrant musicians. As a teenager he played regularly in…

The Henry family, at their mother's funeral in 1972. It was the only time all eleven siblings were together in one place. Left to right they stand in order from youngest to eldest. Kevin is fourth from the left.

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LISTEN to the interviewKevin Henry embarks on a wide-ranging discussion of his youth in Ireland, years spent in England, and migration to Canada and then the United States. He eventually settled in Chicago, where he established a career as an iron…
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