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LISTEN to the interview Vincent Campbell plays tunes interspersed with stories about them and recollections of his youth and time in Britain. He was born in An tSeanga Mheáin, in the Gaeltacht near Glenties, Co. Donegal. The music of the region was…

Vincent Campbell plays a Scottish strathspey on fiddle.

Photographs from Danny Meehan's childhood and of his family members. They depict:
1) Peter Meehan, Danny's grandfather
2) Susan McGroarty, Danny's grandmother
3) Danny (holding fiddle) with his Aunt Jane and family
4) Danny as a baby being held…

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Photographs of the restored Meehan family home in Drimalost, Co. Donegal in the Blue Stack Mountains. The house was built in the late nineteenth century, reportedly with money sent home from America by Danny Meehan's grandfather Peter.

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LISTEN to the interviewDanny Meehan (b.1940) reflects on his life from his childhood in Drimalost, Co. Donegal, to his migration to England at age sixteen, and his return fifty years later. He speaks about his musical influences, the musicians he…
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