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Recordings of tunes and songs collected from the people featured on this site.


Goek, Sara

Items in the Music Collection

Kevin Henry plays an unnamed schottische on flute.

Kevin Henry plays the air 'Róisín Dubh' on flute.

Kevin Henry plays the air to the song 'My Lagan Love' on flute.

Kevin Henry plays an unnamed hop jig on flute

Danny Meehan plays two slightly different versions of the jig, Paddy in London. His sister, Rosabelle Kerrigan, is also present.

Danny Meehan plays a highland fling version of the tune The Blackberry Blossom on fiddle.

Danny Meehan plays a tune called the Sapper Swing, which goes with a particular dance. He mentioned it during the interview, at 1:01.

Danny Meehan plays a jig called Herlihy's Rant that he learned from a musician from Anascaul, Co. Kerry.

Danny Meehan plays a reel he got from Donegal fiddler James Byrne.

Danny Meehan plays a barndance called the 'Corn Rigs' on fiddle.